Ronnie Rolon better known as “Double”

If asked to describe Double in one word many would say “generous.”   Having served with City Takers for the past 5 years, the team would say Double is definitely generous with money, his time and SNEAKERS! Double is known for his footwear but especially for giving it away. Being on the City Takers team means serving many people in many places. We are in constant contact with youth and with ‘the least of these.’   Double will take the shoes off his feet for a young person who attends a concert and approaches him after the event, for a friend who lives on the street during our homeless outreach or a friend of the ministry who serves or visits.

If we rewind to the beginning of Double’s life, we can see a story of God’s amazing grace. Double’s mom was 18 years old when she became pregnant with him and already had a 3- year old son. Feeling desperate, she decided to have an abortion. His mom was in the clinic, with the doctor, on the table, already prepped, when she says she heard a voice say “No.” Double’s mom was not a believer at the time but we can see God’s hand in his life from the beginning. Moving forward into Double’s childhood, his father was shot when he was 6 years old. He grew up well acquainted with violence, drugs and poverty but God continued to keep him. Around the age of 13, Double was able to encounter the Lord and made a decision to follow Him. He decided to get into Christian rap and released his first album in 2004, around the same time he met Scott Free. He says Scott was always encouraging him to serve and use his gift outside the church but that he was content with rapping in churches for honorariums. From 2004 to 2010, before Double decided to join the City Takers team, he recalls falling away and getting caught up with the temptations of this life. After realizing that he was not called to be an artist, but to live out the Great Commission and use his gift as a tool to show God’s love and grace to others, he has experienced what it means to have a real life, abundantly, free from the lures of this world. He is now an urban missionary serving with City Takers and is a youth leader at his home church.

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