Shonlock Serves with City Takers

In a time where artists are trying to get noticed for their performances on stages in front of big crowds, trying to make sure they got the most Instagram likes and Facebook followers, some to the point that they are spending money to buy fake fans. It’s refreshing to run into a group of people with a heart to serve, not just on the stage but in the trenches, prisons, youth detention centers and feeding the homeless. I was blessed to serve with these guys on multiple occasions but just recently feeding the hungry down at Atlanta’s “Safehouse.” There I watched these guys not only serve but love on the people that most Americans would look over and walk past. I can still hear ScottFree’s (founder of CityTakers & Freestyle Missions) voice breaking down the gospel with analogies and watching the light switch turn on for some of them. Sometimes the simplest thing can be the turning point for people. For someone to just take the time and ask another person how they’re doing and genuinely care means a lot. I’ve been blessed just by having the opportunity to serve alongside these guys and it’s definitely been a humbling experience and something that has stretched me beyond what my comfort zone would say is good enough. So I’m sending out a special thank you to the whole City Takers team and I pray God continues to use this squad to bless His people and to use us as his hands and feet.

– @ShonLock

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