DJ Radikal

Born and raised in Brooklyn (Flatbush), New York, DJ Radikal developed a passion for the 1’s and 2’s at the age of five. He watched many family members on the turntables and studied DJs at block parties, events, and in videos. When he saw DJ Jazzy Jeffand DJ Nabs in action, his life changed forever and his desire to learn the arts of scratching and turntablism was etched in stone. He couldn’t afford professional turntables, so he pieced together old decks and taped coins to the headshells so he could learn how to scratch. When his parents saw this relentless passion, they both invested in his dream—his mother bought him his first equipment cart (which he still has) and his father bought him his first Technics 1200 MK2 turntable (which he keeps stored).

Armed with new equipment, Radikal went on to DJ countless secular events but something was missing. Even though his brothers, uncle, Godfather and cousins introduced the DJ art form to him, it wasn’t until he gave his life to Christ that “DJ Radikal” was born, receiving his name because of his “radical” love for the KINGdom.He connected with his long-time friend, Pastor Michael Turner, who welcomed Radikal’s love for Hip Hop and offered him a platform to share his gift during youth church and service in the main sanctuary! He started DJing for major church conferences, youth services and in pulpits around the world. He connected with his brother and friend, DJ Lace (RIP) with the Higher Ground Record Pool where he was introduced to an organization of DJs who played great gospel music and served as the Vice President of the Atlanta chapter. Along with Higher Ground came an introduction to the One Accord DJ Alliance, a massive brotherhood founded to serve as a fellowship of music professionals. Radikal also became a powerful force within the Go Ye DJs team, who are founded on the principle of going into the world and spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ through music.

Putting the words of Psalm 86:12 into action (“I will praise Thee, O Lord my God, with all my heart: and I will glorify Thy name for evermore”), Radikal is known for running, leaping from the stage, jumping up-and-down while scratching, and praising with vinyl records held high in the air during many of his concerts and live performances. Many don’t know his story and WHY he acts so insanely radical. Some may even wonder, “Does it take all of that to praise God?” At the age of two, while staying with a relative, Radikal drank Oil Of Wintergreen, a type of rubbing alcohol. He was rushed to the hospital and given a death prognosis. While at the hospital, his mother saw an angel, and she knew her child (Radikal) would be just fine. While in the Intensive Care Unit, DJ Radikal started moving his foot to the beat of music distantly playing in the background. And just like Radikal cuts and scratches records, Jesus cut death’s design!

After more dialogue with Radikal, we found out while still in his teens, he was held at gun point twice. During one of the incidents, the assailant pushed the gun into Radikal’s stomach! Jesus protected him from several near head-on car collisions and healed his soul from all of the missteps encountered on the streets of Brooklyn. For these reasons and more, Radikal states, “I will radically praise God on high forever more … until my last breath!”

Radikal lives by one basic principle: love God … love people. He ensures he takes time to teach the art form of DJing after many of his shows. He is passionate about mentoring youth and making a positive impact on the community. This passion for community led Radikal and his wife to found the Vision Tutoring Educational Foundation, which offers free tutorial services to those in need. His unselfish willingness to freely share this passion has created a platform of opportunities throughout his DJ career. He’s rocked the stage with gospel greats around the world. Radikal doesn’t mention much about his performance background, but he’s an international DJ who has shared his musical gift in Africa and Europe. In fact, he was the first American DJ to provide DJ services in Kibera, Africa during a mission trip in 2014. He was also the first resident DJ for the Stir It Up TV Show, appeared in the opening ceremonies of the 1996 U.S. Olympics, founded Radikal Entertainment and the Radikal DJ Academy, and co-owns the XRP DJ Music Group, the XRP Record Pool, and Pep Rally 66. He is also the first resident DJ for City Takers and the City Takers Radio Show on Victory 91.5. He has faithfully served with the City Takers team since 2010! His love for City Takers is clearly evident and he shares this love every time he volunteers at the Safe House, during prison ministry or any of the community outreaches. In fact, Radikal states that he is a “City Taker For Life!”

His goal is to exemplify Jesus Christ and to be different every time he steps behind the Technic 1200s to rock on the 1’s and 2’s. His drive is fueled by support from his wife, Di Yonna, his daughter, Amani, and a strong family system. This strong family foundation ignited one of his personal trademarks: “God First, Family Then DJing.”

So now that you know a bit more about Radikal, when you hear any of his signature phrases, “Let’s Do It Big For The KINGdom!”, “U KNOW!!!”, “SaLLLute!”, “Spinnin’ The Good News On the 1’s and 2’s!” or “Go Ye!”, it’s time to display your best DJ Radikal pose (trademarked) with your hands out (as illustrated) and “Make It Radikal!”

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